Why My Eyes

To be so small, our eyes mean so much. They can be a symbol of beauty and depth or a window into our overall health. They can be an important tool that allows us to earn a living or an instrument for learning and absorbing knowledge. We asked some of our patients to talk about why their eyes matter and why they rely on Advanced Eyecare to help them see their best.

Julia Chagolla

With a young son and a busy schedule, Julia stays on the go. She knows her glasses are important in order to see her best, but she also knows that they say a lot about her personal style. That’s why she prefers the Eyewear Gallery at Advanced Eyecare. Since Advanced Eyecare carries many of the most popular lines on the market, Julia has many styles available to her. With the help of Advanced Eyecare’s style-smart opticians, she can trust she’s getting the best shape, style and price for her budget.

Jaxon Bright

Between school, sports and friends, Jaxon and his little sister are busy, happy kids. Jaxon knows his new glasses help him see his school board and books better, but he’s more excited that they have seriously helped him with his gaming chops. And if you were a kid when getting glasses was a bad thing, think again. Jaxon, like most kids today, is proud to show off his new glasses. The more accessories the better.

Rachel Noles

Perhaps you recognize Rachel from her days as one of Boaz’s most popular elementary school teachers. Or maybe you know her as co-owner of one of the area’s most successful stores, The Box Truck Boutique. What you may not know about Rachel is that for years she has dealt with the aggravation and discomfort of dry eye. Fortunately, Dr. Turk and Rachel have been able to find an eyecare regimen that relieves her of the nagging discomfort and frees her up to run the area’s most popular boutique.

Dale Johnson

It is hard to think of a job where eyesight is more important than being a pharmacist. Not only are people’s lives at stake, but pharmacists have to work quicky and incredibly accurately. Dale Johnson has been doing just that for more than 50 years. As the owner of Boaz Discount Drugs, Dale has filled prescriptions for thousands of Marshall County residents. When it comes to his eye health, Dale trusts Dr. Turk and the staff at Advanced Eyecare.

Samantha Chamblee

A graduate of Crossville High School and Jacksonville State University, Samantha now teaches kindergarteners at Duck Springs Elementary. Comfort and protection are important reasons why Samantha cares about having a good pair of sunglasses. Style and variety are the reason she prefers three.

Jean Head

Jean Head is the 2021 Ms. Super Senior Alabama. Jean was told by a different optometrist that she was in early stages of glaucoma. Although treatable, glaucoma can lead to serious loss of vision in older patients. Jean decided to get a second opinion from Advanced Eyecare, and thanks to the OCT scan machine, Dr. Turk was able to ease her mind and insure her that she was not suffering from glaucoma.

Mike Smith

A long-time Marshall County businessman, Mike has been a patient of Advanced Eyecare for many years. Mike’s consistent eye exams made it possible for Dr. Turk to diagnose him with macular degeneration at an early stage. While the disease can have serious permanent effects on vision, early detection allowed Mike and Dr. Turk to put together an aggressive treatment plan that will allow Mike to continue enjoying good vision for many years.

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